V6s, the ideal platform stair lift for personal mobility and accessibility in public places

Thanks to the experience of more than 50,000 platform stair lifts installed worldwide, together with the desire to serve customers with the best possible solution, we created the Vimec V6s.

Inspired by the Designed for Life design, which focuses on the needs of any type of user together with the sustainability of the solution, V6s today is an award-winning solution with features that set it apart from all other products on the market

Every line, every surface has been designed at the same time as the functionality, contributing to the user-friendliness and visual clarity of V6s.

SAFETY compliance with EN8140, together with attention to detail to manage the system in both indoor and outdoor installations.

Vimec V6s is made of recyclable materials and is available in two standard colours, papyrus white and anthracite grey, but can be customised with any RAL colour or graphic through the wrapping technique.

The reduced mobility of people in their own homes or apartment buildings is supported in the best possible way by the V6s platform stairlift, tailored to the actual needs of its users.

Architectural barriers in public places such as offices, schools, restaurants and shops are easily overcome with the installation of a V6s platform stairlift, guaranteeing full safety for all users.

The structure is clean and very distinctive: the rounded front casing adds a touch of lightness, the heart of the machine is made of aluminium, the Vimec V6s is equipped with a ‘rack and pinion’ transmission, which avoids the installation of motor bodies along the stairwell and is equipped with a double chain drive system, can carry up to 300 kg and has an IP 44 protection rating.

All control points have been perfectly designed both visually and tactilely. The highly distinctive on-board control panel includes well-sized buttons to help users with reduced hand mobility and a backlit display that is perfectly visible even in direct sunlight. The floor controls have only two buttons, making them easy to use.

LED bars located in the front casing and side bumpers provide the user with immediate feedback on the status of the machine.

Installation and assembly of the V6s requires no architectural intervention on the existing structure, no specific masonry work is required.

The V6s inclined lift with platform is suitable for both indoor and outdoor (outdoor) installation, thanks to the measures taken to ensure maximum durability and best performance even in non-optimal climatic conditions.

An integral protective cover is supplied on request.

Any type of user or attendant can move the machine with a simple gesture

The on-board controls and the companion radio button panel are designed to be as simple as possible

The entire button area is sensitive to help users with limited hand mobility

Status and availability of the platform are indicated by different colours

An app available for both installers and end users

The proprietary MyVimec App will set a benchmark for the stairlift market: users can control the unit and installers can configure the machines directly from their mobile phones. An optional gateway installed on the machine allows installers and dealers to access their fleet data directly from the Cloud.


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