Uplift Your Life!

At home as well as in public places, we shift people mobility to a higher level.
Vimec was founded in 1980 near the Po river, between the provinces of Mantova and Reggio Emilia.

Over the years we have become leaders thanks to the values that guide us every day: people are our customers, whom we deal with passion, commitment and integrity, in order to ensure the best customer experience.

Designed for life

“Designed for life” is Vimec’s claim, putting the person at the center of its design process for existing and future mobility needs, while providing upgrades over time.

As part of this, sustainable products need to be defined and developed, capable of maintaining their value over time, using materials and components with the lowest impact on the environment, and utilizing technology to provide the best possible experience for the user.

Company Profile

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We improve people's lives with tailor-made, durable, sustainable solutions that can be enriched with new functionalities over time.

Vimec is a part of the Latour Group, a constantly expanding company with long-term market investment plans.
The company development lines protect and enhance eco-sustainability, the production process and social responsibility towards customers and stakeholders.

Great place to work


People at the center is our most important mantra and project, which we apply both inside and outside the company. The best buying experience for customers involves providing high quality products and services that meet their needs; for insiders, it means encouraging teamwork and maintaining a positive corporate environment on a daily basis; and for all other stakeholders, it means engaging in concrete activities to promote environmental, social, and economic sustainability in order to make a real difference.

Our Mission

We produce nicely designed solutions to make our customer life easier through a comprehensive range of products for vertical mobility.

Our Vision

We improve people quality life by contributing to create a world with no barrier.

Our Values



We have a genuine passion for improving the life of our customer through our work.



We act in an open, transparent and honest manner with a long term prospective to respect the stakeholder and the environment.



We are ambitious and we always strive to reach a great customer experience through high quality products and services. We encourage teamwork and are accountable to contribute to the team success.

our product lines

Vimec Accessibility is the brand line that takes care of the design, implementation and installation of tailor-made solutions to support people with mobility needs, both at home and in public premises.

Vimec Homelift is the brand line referred to people who aim to ensure home comfort with a dedicated lift, driven by italian design, technology and eco-sustainability.

our products

Vimec headquarters are in Luzzara, RE – Italy. The manufacturing plant is bigger than 20.000 mq, where the whole range of products is manufactured.

  • Home lifts
  • Vertical platforms for private and public premises
  • Inclined platforms for wheelchair
  • Stair lifts with chair
  • Stairclimbers

We have realized more than 150.000 installationsworldwide.


Vimec S.r.l. 
Registered Offices
Via Parri, 7 42045 Luzzara (Reggio Emilia)

VAT no.: 00758850358
Fiscal Code: 00596150201

Share Capital € 1,000,000.00 fully paid
Reggio Emilia Business Register no. 00596150201
Economic and Administrative Index no. (REA) 185748