A wide range of Home lifts and platform lifts for your home, public or commercial building.

Vimec Accessibility brings together all of Vimec’s systems to assist people with mobility difficulties, designed to ensure their autonomy and independence:

  • Stair lifts: enabling the elderly to continue to live in their own home in complete safety, without having to change their lifestyle.
  • Lifts for commercial environments open to the public: for vertical mobility, working as elevators but with reduced speed, suitable for restaurants, schools, banks, shops and offices.
  • Step lifts: to overcome small vertical obstacles with just a few steps up to three metres.
  • Sloping footboards: stair lifts with footboards on steps for people with mobility difficulties, moving with wheelchairs.
  • Mobile stair lifts: small traction units that require suitably trained carers to drive the person, seated or in their wheelchair, over architectural barriers in private and public environments.

Made-to-measure systems with which Vimec focuses on customer care, seeking to serve by choosing the right solution, carrying out installation and providing after-sales service.

Vimec’s great experience has a foundation over 140,000 installations carried out all over the world.


Vimec offers a range of homelifts and platform lifts suitable for both homes and public places (shops, offices, restaurants, etc.), and perfect for both indoor and outdoor installation. Vimec homelifts are the ideal solution for improving the comfort of the home based on the needs of each individual and the entire family. Vimec platform lifts are designed to guarantee maximum ease of use, with all the versatility and safety necessary for various types of installations, while at the same time ensuring aesthetic consistency with staircases, and any other environments with architectural barriers to be overcome.


Vimec offers a range of chair stairlifts for both straight and curved staircases, and perfect for both indoor and outdoor installation. Chair stairlifts are ideal domestic mobility solutions for the elderly, the disabled, and people with mobility issues. Vimec stairlifts are designed to guarantee maximum ease of use and excellent levels of comfort and safety, while at the same.


Platform stairlift with straight or curved guide rail. Vimec offers a range of stairlifts that are perfect for improving accessibility at home, as well as in public places like stores and office buildings. Vimec stairlifts are the perfect solution for overcoming architectural barriers.


Vimec offers a series of wheeled and tracked mobile stairclimbers, which are perfect solutions for overcoming architectural barriers. Vimec’s safe and practical mobile stairclimbers make it easier to get around both inside and outside the home, with no need for fixed installations, thus rendering them perfect for people with motor difficulties or those confined to wheelchairs.