V64 Stairlift


This platform stairlift is the ideal solution for allowing people with disabilities, or confined to wheelchairs, to overcome a flight of stairs or a series of steps in complete safety.

Vimec’s V64 platform stairlift with straight guide rail guarantees accessibility to public and private structures, and is a solution that’s increasingly sought out by private individuals with disabilities because, in addition to its recognized safety and reliability, it is also extremely compact and easy to use.

Vimec has been designing and manufacturing platform stairlifts since 1980, with thousands of safe and practical solutions having been installed in undergroundstrain stationspublic officesbanksshops, and restaurants.

To overcome a series of steps in from of the home, a condominium, a shop, or a public building. To guarantee the independent movement of people confined to wheelchairs.

The need for people with disabilities, including paraplegics and tetraplegics, to overcome architectural barriers directly on their wheelchairs.

The presence of a dedicated button panel allows an assistant to safely and easily manage the disabled person’s movement on the platform.

Vimec’s safe and sturdy V64 stairlift has a compact size, is perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, and is exceptionally easy to use. Quick installation.


The V64 platform stairlift with straight guide rail is available in three models:

  • standard – with compact platform (mm 830×700) for installation on smaller staircases and landings;
  • large – with larger platform (mm 1050×770) for wheelchairs with particular space requirements;
  • extra-large – with extra-large platform (mm 1250×800) for all movement requirements.


The V64’s installation does not require any architectural interventions upon the existing structure, and will not compromise the style of the interior décor.

Reliable and durable

Thanks to design features that ensure maximum durability and excellent performance under less than optimal weather conditions, the V64 platform stairlift is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Technology at your fingertips

The V64 is equipped with radio controls, state-of-the-art active and passive personal protection devices, and retractable safety bars to save space when the machine is not in use.

See the brochure to find out more about the Vimec V64 platform stairlift and its advanced features in terms of personal safety, reliability, and durability.

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The Vimec consultant: a resource at your complete disposal.

Thanks to the assistance of a professional Vimec consultant, you’ll be able to evaluate the specific requirements for overcoming your architectural barriers.

Vimec always gives maximum attention to the safety of the individual, with the aim of providing them with all the serenity, independence, and mobility they need. The assistance provided by the professional Vimec consultant is entirely free of charge, and with absolutely no commitment on your part. When you request a personal consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to freely ask your consultant about the benefits and available discounts.

Measurements, encumbrances, and consumption values of the platform stairlift for straight flights of stairs; also referred to as a handicapped platform, stairlift, or inclined platform for the disabled.

Safe, Reliable, and Durable

The V64 platform stairlift is compliant with European Directive 2006/42/EC and is IMQ certified. The safety devices stop the machine in the case of danger. The platform stairlift has a capacity of up to 300 kg. It is available in indoor and outdoor versions, and with an IP55 protection rating.

Easy to install

The V64 platform stairlift is installed within just a few hours. Once the guide rail has been installed, the stairlift machine’s body and platform are mounted and are connected to the power supply.

Easy to use

The practical button panel controls all of the functions, and the Vimec V64 moves automatically: the movement of the safety bars and the entry and exit flaps, as well as the platform’s aperture and closure, are motorised.


The platform is made from diamond tread aluminium, and the surface is coated in non-slip material, thus rendering it ideal for transporting individuals with disabilities or in wheelchairs; the electro-mechanical tipping mechanism is automated; equipped with motorised mobile flaps on the entry and exit sides, which ensure containment while the machine is in motion, and act as entry/exit ramps for the platform itself. The lateral mobile flap along the platform’s long side is also available upon request.


Either indoors or outdoors (a protective tarp in waterproof material can be provided upon request); the guide rail can be installed on either side of the staircase.

Slope range from 0° to 45°

Protection rating IP55 (optional).

Guide Rail Anchors Vertical supports secured to the steps with mechanical anchors, or else wall-mounted, in the case of load bearing walls.

Controls On board ascent and descent controls operable using the supplied button panel, protected against accidental impacts, with “”dead man’s switch”” safety function (must be held down in order to function), removable key, and emergency stop buttonCall buttons to be mounted on the walls on the departure and arrival floors, with emergency stop button, key-operated switch with removable key, and call and floor-return functions (only enabled with the stairlift and platform closed. “”Parking”” and “”Boarding preparation”” functions).

Guide Rail Encumbrance on the staircase 100 mm

Encumbrance at the docking station
Based on the width of the platform and the dimensions of the steps.

Minimum staircase width
Based on the width of the platform, minimum 895 mm.

Drive system
On a rack and pinion in hardened steel, driven directly by an non-reversible gear motor.

230 VAC, 550 W, with high starting torque, equipped with electromagnetic brake.

Electrical power supply
230 VAC 50/60 Hz single phase with ground wire (60 Hz only available on the 750 Kw motor version).

Nominal Speed
0.07 m/s

Emergency Manoeuvre
Manual, with smooth flywheel.

Up to 300 kg for slopes of up to 40°; up to 250 kg for slopes of up to 45°


Automatic stoppage of the stairlift whenever obstacles are encountered. Anti-shearing system (on the sides of the machine’s body and on the platform’s mobile flaps);

  • Anti-impact system (on the sides of the machine’s body and on the platform’s mobile flaps);
  • Anti-crushing system (on the bottom of the platform and the machine’s body).

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