Vimec’s New French Branch Manager Embarks on Successful Partnership Tour

Vimec celebrates the first successful tour of its new French Branch Manager. The tour aimed at introducing the new manager to some of Vimec’s esteemed partners in the southern regions of the country and pave the way for a prosperous collaboration.

This was also an occasion for the company to present lots of important news about newest and future products, showcasing the company’s innovative solutions in the industry taking the opportunity for Vimec to gain precious feedbacks and suggestions by its partners.

“We are excited to have had the opportunity to meet and engage with our partners presenting our renewed organization, our brand new inclined platform and some of the future product lines, ” said the new Manager in charge. “With our partners’ wide knowledge and expertise, we aim to grow faster and innovate together, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.”

For this tour Vimec’s Architectural Channel Business Developper Arch. Manuela Boffo joined Salvatore to present to the network all latest activities dedicated to Architects in term of finishes  and communication contents, allowing the whole team to establish a strong and open line of communication with partners.

Vimec’s initial tour by the new French Branch Manager was an exciting and valuable opportunity for everyone involved. Vimec is eager to continue working with its partners to achieve great results through innovation and strong collaboration.

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