Case Study: Successful Installation of a Home Lift in a Private Home in Johannesburg

Model: Vimec EcoVimec cabin lift

Stops: 2  

Type of building: Private House  

Country: South Africa  

Vimec, partnered with a trusted local home lift installation specialist to successfully install a home lift with 2 stops in a private home located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The project involved the integration of a white steel structure and a cabin with two glass walls, resulting in a seamless and elegant addition to the homeowner’s residence. This case study highlights how Vimec’s partner effectively addressed the client’s needs and exceeded expectations.

The Challenge

The homeowner required a reliable and efficient solution to facilitate easy movement between the two floors of their residence. However, due to architectural constraints and design preferences, a traditional residential elevator system was not a feasible option. The homeowner desired a modern and visually appealing lift solution that would harmonize with the interior aesthetics of the home, while maximizing functionality without compromising on safety.

The Solution

Vimec’s trusted partner collaborated closely with the homeowner, undertaking a comprehensive evaluation of the residence’s layout, architectural specifications, and design preferences. After conducting a thorough assessment, he proposed a customized EcoVimec home lift with a meticulously crafted white steel structure and a cabin featuring two elegant glass walls. This design ensured that the lift seamlessly blended with the home’s internal aesthetics, simultaneously providing a striking visual element.

The compact size of the home lift perfectly accommodated the limited available space in the private residence, without compromising on functionality or usability.

The Result

The installation of the home lift in the Johannesburg residence was seamlessly executed, meeting the agreed-upon timeline and exceeding all expectations. The homeowner appreciated the extensive expertise and professionalism demonstrated by Vimec’s partner throughout the installation process. The white steel structure and glass-panelled cabin provided an elegant and contemporary addition to the home’s interior, enhancing its overall visual appeal.

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