A Roby T09 model stairclimber among the trenches in the province of Gorizia

The Municipality of Fogliano Redipuglia, in the province of Gorizia, has purchased a Roby T09 stairclimber to improve accessibility to its Great War Theme Park.

In fact, being the year that marks the hundredth anniversary of the defeat of Caporetto, a large influx of visitors is expected in 2017.

The mobile stairclimber allows people with disabilities to climb the stairs of the memorial and to access a number of the trench trails, thus allowing everyone to visit these historical places where the Greet War played out.

Numerous school groups have already booked tours of the park for next year, and many students with disabilities will be able to take part in the tours just like their classmates, climbing the large staircases and exploring the same trails, thanks to the help of volunteers from the Sentieri di Pace association and the local Tourism Office.