A Platform Stairlift at Trieste’s Grotta Gigante

Have you ever visited the Grotta Gigante near Trieste? It’s the world’s largest single-chamber tourist cave.

The visitation itinerary involves a considerable descent and re-ascent, consisting of approximately 1000 stairs in all.

It certainly is beautiful, and if you’re in the area we would absolutely recommend taking the opportunity to discover all of the wonders contained inside. At the visitors centre near the entrance, you’ll find information on the general history of its early exploration in the mid-1800s.

There’s also geological and palaeontological information, complete with several finds bearing witness to the prehistoric animals that once inhabited the cave. The well-designed visitors centre has a circular layout and extends over two floors.

In order to allow everyone to visit the various rooms of the visitors centre and view their exhibits, access to the upper floor is facilitated by a Vimec V65 platform stairlift, which is available to all visitors with mobility problems.

An important step towards a culture that’s increasingly accessible to everyone, in order to also allow visitors with disabilities or mobility problems to learn about and appreciate the marvels that nature has hidden away in places like Trieste’s Grotta Gigante.