This solution can be installed:

in a private home (to make the rooms of the house more accessible or to facilitate the mobility of people with disabilities in wheelchairs), thus improving the comfort of the home itself

in a condominium (one classic situation in the UK/Germany is the presence of three or four steps in front of the condominium’s ground floor entrance, which can be easily resolved with a platform lift)

in a shop/office building/restaurant, in order to overcome small height gaps.

To overcome a series of steps inside or outside homes, condominiums, and public buildings. To guarantee the independent movement of individuals with difficulties walking, or even confined to wheelchairs.

The new S11 Plus Platform Lift (a more advanced version of the S10 platform lift) is designed to guarantee vertical lifting for every requirement, for people with disabilities in wheelchairs, as well as the entire family, and is capable of overcoming height gaps of up to 2.99 metres.

Want to avoid structural interventions by choosing a flexible solution? Want to add an entrance directly on your home’s balcony or terrace? Today’s architects, engineers, and interior designers increasingly recommend vertical lifting systems (handicapped platforms, wheelchair platforms) like the S11 Plus Platform Lift for overcoming existing architectural barriers.

Vimec’s sturdy and elegant S11 Plus Platform Lift (for overcoming height gaps of up to three metres), is safe, compact, and easy to use, and is perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Quick installation.

The S11 Plus Platform Lift for the disabled can be made to measure, and is perfect for overcoming height gaps (up to 2.99 m) between two floors divided by several steps, an opening, or a protective cement barrier.

The S11 model is designed to ensure maximum safety for the entire family (both for people who want to bring greater value to their homes, as well as for the elderly and people with disabilities), not to mention reliability and comfort, with various available customisations.

The S11 Plus Platform Lift is also suitable for all types of home renovations and remodelling work.

This safe and reliable solution can naturally be installed both indoors and outdoors; it does not require any structural interventions, and boasts low energy consumption, similar to that of a home appliance.

Vimec is always close by thanks to a network of consultants and professionals in every Italian province: try out Vimec’s support service… click on the yellow box on the upper right.

From the comfort of your own home, and with the free support and expertise of a Vimec personal consultant, you can determine the solution that’s best suited to you, your home and your family.

You’ll have the opportunity to choose your desired finishes and options, and can find out about all of the benefits and discounts available for eliminating and overcoming architectural barriers that hinder your freedom of movement in complete safety (staircases, steps, raised surfaces, and other obstacles), even for renovations.

Only Vimec is able to boast over thirty years of experience and more than 110,000 systems designed and installed worldwide: contact us for a free on-site inspection and price quote, with absolutely no commitment.

Platform lift measurements, encumbrances, and energy consumption values; is also known as a vertical platform for the disabled, a lift, and an open shaft lift.


The system can be installed both indoors and outdoors, in three different configurations:

  • Free-standing
  • Masonry shaft
  • Shaft with steel protection

Load capacity: up to 400 Kg

Distance: 2 stops/ 2.99 m

Drive mechanism: with electric motor and worm screw


  • 0.05 m/sec (Versions 1.100, 1.600, 2.100)
  • 0.10 m/sec (Versions 2.600, 2.990)

Motor and power supply: Motor positioned inside the shaft, with the following specifications:

Power rating: 2.2 Kw ; single phase for versions 1.100, 1.600, 2.100 and three-phase for versions 2.600 and 2.990;

Line voltage: 230V ± 5%, AC – 50Hz single phase;

Auxiliary power supply voltage: 24V DC;

Power supply Motor with inverter (optional for versions 1.100, 1.600, 2.100)

 Attachments To be chosen by the customer:

  • pre-walled anchoring brackets, or alternatively
  • rear-wall mounted with mechanical anchors
  • rear-wall mounted with chemical or hollow wall anchors
  • with metallic support structure/protection

Guide rails

Made from processed T70-1A section.


The standard system comes with a platform covered in non-slip diamond tread aluminium sheet metal, protected by two walls (column side covered with a standard blind RAL 7040 colour sheet metal panel, and external side covered with charcoal coloured polycarbonate. The standard height floor gate is covered with charcoal coloured polycarbonate.

The floor 0 button panel is always furnished along with the system in the wireless configuration. The open shaft versions always come furnished with a manual on board gate covered with charcoal coloured polycarbonate, and photocells on the exit side.

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