Just one flight of stairs? Why not do it from a comfortable seated position… with Vimec’s Ischia model you can!

Are you no longer able to climb the stairs of your home as quickly and easily as you used to? Are you looking for a way to reorganise your home environment, for yourself, your loved ones, or your elderly parents or grandparents, without cluttering up your daily life? Vimec can help.

For individual flights of stairs, Vimec offers the Ischia model chair stairlift, featuring a modern seat with a captivating design to ensure maximum comfort for the elderly.

To help elderly parents climb a single flight of stairs, with a simple, elegant, and custom designed stairlift. For the elderly to be able to safely and independently climb the stairs of their homes from a comfortable seated position.

Transform the problem of a flight of stairs that has become difficult to overcome into a resource that brings added value to the home and facilitates the lives of the elderly. Going up and down the stairs in a relaxing seated position, in complete safety and comfort, with a practical and easy to use stairlift.

That’s the solution offered by Vimec, a company that’s attentive to the needs of the entire family, and those who still want to enjoy their independence during their golden years. The chair stairlift is the ideal tool for those who, due to a disability or partial or temporary incapacity, require assistance, or would like a home environment that caters to their needs and allows them to be independent.

Move freely about your home, from one floor to the next, with the Ischia chair stairlift.

The Ischia model stairlift is designed for straight staircases (its guide rail is straight, and is installed in the case of single flights of stairs separating the floors of the house, without any intermediate landings and without parking spots in hallways). The Vimec Ischia model has been extensively tried and tested: our customers appreciate its lightweight and elegant design, as well as the sense of safety and simplicity that it conveys.

Vimec’s Ischia model chair stairlift is compact, easy to install, and adapts perfectly to the home’s staircase, thus rendering it an ideal solution for the elderly and their family members. Quick installation.

A chair stairlift that’s extremely comfortable and easy to use.

Vimec’s Ischia model chair stairlift with a straight guide rail offers maximum comfort and ease of use for the user: its design technology allows it to be easily adapted to any staircase.


The Ischia chair stairlift is a truly compact solution that’s both easy to install and aesthetically pleasing: the domestic mobility of elderly individuals, who still want to enjoy their independence, is thus pleasantly ensured.


The joystick on the armrest provides simple, functional, and direct control over the chair’s direction of movement; the folding seat opens and closes easily, and the radio controls allow the stairlift to be called to the desired floor.

Safe and comfortable

The new Ischia chair stairlift is the result of in-depth ergonomic research obtained thanks to Vimec’s 30 years of experience in the field. The controls are integrated with the emergency stop button, and the body’s anti-impact and anti-crushing sensors stop the chair immediately whenever an obstacle is encountered on the staircase.

The washable seat and backrest cushions are padded to ensure maximum comfort during use. Finally, thanks to the ample seat rotation, the user is able to easily exit the chair upon reaching the destination floor.

Compact size

Boasting a flexible design and a compact size suitable for any environment, the Ischia chair stairlift is also available with a collapsible guide rail for easy installation in tight spaces.

Easy installation

The Ischia chair stairlift is designed and built to adapt perfectly to your staircase, and can normally be installed in just a couple of hours, with no need for structural interventions.

The Ischia chair stairlift can be installed outside the home.

Only Vimec is able to boast over 30 years of experience and more than 110,000 systems designed and installed: contact us for a free on-site inspection and price quote, with absolutely no commitment.

Vimec is always close by thanks to a network of consultants and professionals in every Italian province: try out Vimec’s support service… click on the yellow box on the upper right.

Choose the stairlift that best meets your needs.

The Ischia model chair stairlift is the ideal solution for maintaining complete freedom of movement within the home. In fact, the Ischia model chair stairlift can be adapted to any type of staircase and user requirements.

The Vimec consultant: a resource at your complete disposal

Thanks to the support of a professional Vimec consultant, you’ll be able to evaluate the characteristics of your staircase, as well as any requirements that you or your elderly parents or grandparents may have. Every staircase is unique, and this chair stairlift can be adapted to any type of staircase. The Ischia model chair stairlift guarantees maximum ease-of-use and comfort. Vimec always gives maximum attention to the safety of the elderly,with the aim of providing them with the serenity, independence, and mobility they need in their homes. The assistance provided by the professional Vimec consultant is entirely free of charge, and with absolutely no commitment on your part. Thanks to Vimec’s experience in the field, when you request a personal consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to freely ask your consultant about the benefits and discounts for the elderly.

How much does Vimec’s Ischia model chair stairlift cost?

In order to determine the price, a professional Vimec consultant must first examine your staircase and take its measurements, in order to prepare a custom price quote, free of charge and with absolutely no commitment. You will certainly be surprised to find out how little it costs for such a high-quality stairlift!

Measurements, encumbrances, and energy consumption values of the stairlift for straight staircases, also known as a stairclimber seat.

Movement control: this consists of an ergonomic joystick, which allows Vimec’s Ischia model chair stairlift to be controlled with a simple gesture. The joystick can be mounted on either the right or left armrest, based on the user’s preference. A removable key is always present for activating/deactivating the movement function.

Safety sensors: these are positioned on the tread platform and the carriage, and gently stop the chair stairlift if any obstacles are encountered along the staircase (anti-collision and anti-shearing systems).

Safety belt: easy to use and perfectly adaptable to the body structure of the elderly individual, complete with a convenient automatic winding mechanism.

Tread platform: together with the armrests and the seat, this safe and robust also unit folds away to reduce the encumbrance of your staircase

Swivel seat: when pressed, a convenient handle allows the chair to be rotated at the top and bottom of the staircase so that the user can easily climb on or off the chair in a safe and convenient manner.

Infrared remote control: the Ischia stairlift can be called back to the floor of departure or arrival in an entirely wireless manner. Adjustment of the width of the armrests and the height of the seat: choose the seat position that’s most comfortable for you.

The continuously charging battery (both in the arrival and departure positions) even guarantees the possibility of use in the event of a power failure.

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