Vimec’s strong start to the New Year

Introduction to Vimec’s Technical Training for Partners

Luzzara, Italy – Vimec has launched a specialized training program for international partners at its headquarters in Luzzara, Italy. The training program aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of partners from various countries to better serve their local communities with Vimec’s accessibility and mobility products. By providing comprehensive training, Vimec ensures that its partners are equipped with the necessary expertise to meet the diverse needs of all individuals.

The Importance of Technical Training for Partners

The training sessions held at Vimec’s headquarters in Luzzara offered partners hands-on experience with the company’s innovative products. From stairlifts to platform lifts, the partners gained valuable insights into the functionality and installation processes, enabling them to provide accurate guidance and support to their customers.

A Closer Look at the Training Sessions

Throughout the training program, Vimec welcomed the international partners with warm Italian hospitality, ensuring they felt comfortable and valued. In addition to receiving information on various products, the partners enjoyed memorable moments of conviviality during shared lunches and dinners. These social events provided an opportunity for partners to network, exchange experiences, and establish collaborations for future ventures.

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to welcome our esteemed partners from Serbia, Turkey, and Moldova to our headquarters in Luzzara,” said Sorio Andrea, the Export Manager at Vimec. “Through these training sessions, we have reinforced our commitment to providing excellent service and support to individuals with accessibility and mobility needs worldwide.”

These training sessions also provided a platform for partners from different regions to come together and share insights and best practices. Through this collaborative environment, partners had the opportunity to learn from each other and expand their industry knowledge.

Vimec’s commitment to partner development is undeniable, and these training sessions exemplify our dedication to staying at the forefront of the accessibility and mobility solutions market.

Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about Vimec’s initiatives and how they are shaping the future of accessibility and mobility solutions.

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