Commitment and Fun 

One of our partners in Poland, Reha Bloch visited recently Vimec’s Factory. During the visit, we provided a comprehensive overview on our products and a detailed update on Vimec’s business line and future plans. We discussed a lot of topics related to our partnership and how we can support each other in the journey. 

Additionally, we made sure to show our appreciation for their business relationship with us and for the excellent results achieved last year by arranging a trip to the Ferrari Museum as part of the visit. A combination of business commitment and leasure surely is a key in building long-lasting relationships with our partners.  Reha Bloch representatives had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Ferrari world and learn about its heritage, culture and excellence inspiration. 

Overall, It was a pleasure to welcome our partners to our premises and share such moments with them. We look forward to continuing our collaboration by creating value and working together towards common goals. 

Vimec remains committed to providing innovative and reliable products, and to fostering strong relationships around the world. 

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