The stairclimber best suited to your needs

Vimec has been designing, manufacturing, and installing custom solutions for individuals since 1982. Vimec has the right product for every movement and transport requirement.

Here we’ll be talking about mobile stairclimbers, and we’ll help you choose the right product based on the characteristics of the home in which it will be installed and utilised.

Straight staircase, rectangular landings: discover the T09-Roby

The Roby model is the tracked mobile stairclimber that ranks first in terms of both comfort and safety.

Designed and built to overcome straight staircases and staircases with square or rectangular landings,it allows the operator to transport the wheelchair passenger in complete safety.

There’s no risk of damaging the stairs thanks to the special characteristics of the tracks, which ensure excellent traction without leaving any marks. The Roby model’s high quality is ensured by the following characteristics: a smooth ride on the stairs, outstanding ergonomics and ease of use while moving on flat surfaces, and excellent accessibility and sturdiness.

The Roby model guarantees an autonomy of 23 flights of stairs. The safety system ensures that the battery’s charge level will never drop below 8-10%. 

Narrow staircase, small landings: The T10-Scalacombi is right for you

The Scalacombi model is a wheeled mobile stairclimber with a safe and practical design for people who have difficulty climbing stairs.

With the assistance of an operator, the Scalacombi model can be used to ascend and descend staircases in complete safety.

Ideal for considerably narrow staircases (min. 550 mm) with small landings (min. 80 cm) and/or with fan-shaped steps, the Scalacombi model is capable of overcoming slopes of up to 55°.

The safety and reliability features allow the assistant to operate the unit effortlessly, and allow the passenger to overcome the staircase in complete comfort, in both directions.

The unit’s patented transmission with softstep function allows the unit to ascend and descend each individual step in an extraordinarily gentle manner. 

Vimec high quality at your service

All the characteristics of Vimec’s mobile stairclimbers are designed to meet the needs of both the passenger and the operator, thus ensuring effortless transport in maximum comfort.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about products: the Vimec consultants will be happy to help you find the solution best suited to your needs, with a free on-site inspection and price quote.

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