Expo is for everyone, thanks also to Vimec’s systems!

The Milan World’s Fair, which will remain open until 31 October 2015, is really worth a visit.

Nobody is left out. Everyone can access the exhibition areas freely and conveniently, even people with mobility problems, the elderly, and parents with children in strollers.

Not only can the exhibition grounds be easily reached thanks to means of public transport accessible to people with disabilities, but numerous services are also provided in order to allow everyone to visit Expo completely independently.

The World’s Fair organisation has dedicated particular attention to mobility and accessibility on the part of people with disabilities, or elderly individuals with mobility problems.

That’s why Vimec systems can be found in many pavilions, like Lindt, Perugina, Belarus, Malaysia, and numerous others: from platform lifts to homelifts, with the aim of ensuring that nobody is left out, and to facilitate everyone’s access to the fair in a safe and independent manner.

The following services are also provided for people with disabilities and the elderly:

  • free People Mover shuttle service, dedicated exclusively to visitors with disabilities or mobility problems, in order to move about among the various pavilions, and provide easy access to the places of interest.
  • For those who prefer greater independence, on the other hand, manual wheelchairs and mobility scooters, which are reserved for the elderly and people with mobility problems, can be rented at the Mobility Centre.
  • Children with disabilities can have fun at the Children’s Park, which is fully equipped to accommodate and entertain all the young visitors.

Visit the gallery to see all the Vimec systems installed among the various exhibition areas at the World’s Fair.

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